Falling head over heals with this line, digging into dental care next, as I'm really delving deep into oral health as I neglected it for so long (anybody else tend to not love their teeth as much for fear of Dentists, etc...?) 

NEVER seen ingredients like this in a mask before! A MUST try for me 

Classic black body suit underneath all my jeans, vintage cut offs, skirts + more this summer 

Because sometimes a good eye mask is worth it all. These check all the boxes for me!

CBD in all the things, there is a reason it's becoming so popular - It works

Classic black slip dresses get me every time - Always my go-to when dressing up

THESE Goop fragrances are amazing, TBH I didn't really expect them to be as good as they are 

If you're in NYC, book a facial with Britta at her N E W  Studio. She's a true beauty inside + out, and knows what she's doing when it comes to skin 

THIS site + their  Vintage Chanel flats (why buy these new, when for 1/2 the price you can get someone else's treasure)... I'm really trying to invest in true classics for myself as I get older as I fall trap to Zara + H & M, which means less shopping (I already shop V little) but I'm now getting to the point where I want to wear things until they get holes in them - which I do, but investing in more quality pieces, as I'm always a quality vs quantity girl - Handmade in Italy, or factory produced in 3rd world countries ? Really being mindful of where my $$ are going  (p/s this doesn't have to mean Chanel, I'm not a designer girl at all, but if I were to pick one brand, it would be CC + in Very small quantity) 

MORE dental care, as it really is that important! Will report back on my go with the above LL products