I can't recall if I shared with you guys my journey back into C O F F E E L A N D? I remember sharing it on my instagram, but might have left you guys in the dark.

Brief run-down / / After going coffee free for 1.5 years during my intense healing times, I started to incorporate it back into my life, as I truly love it. For me it wasn't about the buzzzzz, as my greens + life in general make me a very, very happy clam. It was the cute cafes, the aroma, culture, working from a cafe early in the am and sipping a fresh, americano. TEA, yes, I LOVE YOU, but it's not the same. I still enjoy a daily cup of organic green tea, as it's also my life. BUT having coffee back in my life, only means I'm H E A L T H Y, and my body is able to handle it. Although I have some 'rules' with my consumption of the beautiful bean / /

-drink it in peace and mindfulness. I NEVER drink it on the go . . . while walking. I sit in a cafe with my love, friends + my thoughts/words/a book. -I only get it at cafes and do not have it in the house. I seek out sustainable + local cafes that take there beans seriously and offer an environment that is based on community, culture and love. -no additives - apart from almond milk and sometimes a dash of cinnamon (stabilizes blood sugar and boosts metabolism)

THIS article about coffee is both Hilarious, Informative + True.

Everyone will have their opinion regarding coffee, and that's ok. You are on your own pathway. I drink it because I do love it. My life is very clean, and I'm very mindful about what I put IN my body, and the thoughts IN my head. I'm also NOT perfect. Drinking coffee by 'purists', 'raw foodies' or Health Professionals might be seen as unhealthy, but I TRULY Believe the act of guilt or thinking it is bad creates more damage than drinking the coffee.

I'm not someone who believes in 'everything in moderation', as I don't believe that fast food, GMO laden foods and processed foods should be consumed, because they AREN'T food. There are NO positive benefits to them, none. at. all.

In any case, all of this to say is that YES I'm drinking coffee again, and it makes me happy. I'm healthy, healing + LETTING GO of so many past food issues, body issues + strict rules. I Eat the way I Eat, because I L O V E it. Nothing ever, ever, ever feels like deprivation. I have my own treats, and keep them healthy, because that is what makes me feel BEST. For you it might be different, but whatever you do be mindful. How is that food making you feel? Why are you eating? Are you eating enough?

Are there any other coffee drinkers out there ; ) I would love to hear what your favorite drink is.

Mind: Simple Americano plain or with a smidge of steamed almond milk.


ps- have you seen the new layout for the site? I would LOVE your feedback. Is it easier to search, is there anything else you would like to see?

love & light