Superbowl_ZucchiniFritters1_grande1-728x360 I hope everyone is having a beautiful week so far! It's been very hot in Toronto, and I've been experimenting with a few new recipes around here. Some are winners, others not so much, but with a few tweaks I know I can make them simple, flavorful and nourishing! (it's my goal to share more recipes on here!).

These Coconut Kale Tahini Burgers where a hit! Full of vitamin and protein rich Kale, GF coconut flour to ease digestion, and lower insulin (Low GI + Gluten Free) and calcium rich Tahini, with heaps of healthy fats and protein.

I've become obsessed with these as they are extremely versatile. You can throw them over greens, which I did for dinner, put them into burger buns for your next BBQ, smash them up and put them in a wrap or a romaine lettuce leaf for an easy, satisfying and healthy lunch! They also make a delicious snack on their own.

They took less than 20 minutes, cooking time included and will be the perfect weekend Burger for your summer escapades.


-1/2 cup of Coconut Flour (Add more after it's all mixed if mixture too watery) -2 small tomatoes -2 cloves garlic -One big bunch of Kale -1 tsp cumin -1 tsp cayenne (adjust spice to liking) -1/2 tsp salt -2 TBSP Tahini -pinch of pepper -pinch of turmeric (optional)

1. Cut up kale into small strips. Saute in coconut oil or water for 5 minutes. Until soft. 2. Add all the other ingredients (+ half of the cooked kale) in your food processor or blender and pulse until all combined. 3. Once all is combined transfer to a bowl. Add other half of cooked Kale, and mix in gently. The key is to still have larger chunks of kale. If at any point it isn't thick enough to form patties, add coconut flour by the teaspoon. You should be quite thick. 4. Mold into burger sized patties. 5. Cook in a pan (with or without coconut oil. I did it dry) 5 minutes a side.

Voila! Serve in a sprouted bun, on top of your favorite green or in a wrap.

Have the most beautiful summer weekend!