We've all be saying it's going to be Spring here in Toronto since March, but here it is mid April, and we are FINALLY in Spring mode. It starts getting light at 6am ( I LOVE IT!), birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, the grass is getting greener, people have a pep in their step + so much goodness is before us! New opportunities, adventures, and simply a season to get up a bit earlier, maybe sweat a bit more, and drink a few more green juices!

As the seasons shift so do my cravings! More raw foods, green juices ( I lean towards smoothies in the winter), watermelon, mangoes, coconut, garden fresh veggies. . . simply more water dense foods, as the temperatures rise I (a lot of people) crave more water filled foods, which are cooling in nature. It's imporatant to stay uber hydrated come the summer months. Dehydration can do wicked things to our body, skin, and mind. A dehydrated body is a lifeless body. Water is life.

In any case, I was craving pasta last night!!! Not just any pasta though, RAW PASTA. So I whipped out my beloved spiralizer which hibernated over the winter, and put together a raw marinara sauce out of v e r y few ingredients. I'm talking this is the simplest pasta sauce ever, and it requires NO cooking! It took less than 10 minutes, and tasted exactly (better!), than a conventional store bought pasta sauce.

A fun fact about tomatoes is their lycopene content, which inherently acts as a internal 'sunscreen'. Studies have proven when tomatoes where eaten in higher dosages people where less likely to burn! So eat your tomatoes this summer, and by making this sauce you will be double dosing your tomato intake.

I used this over Raw Zucchini Noodles, but if you wanted to use it with cooked pasta you totally could. It's extremely versatile and flavor rich.


serving - serves 4

- 2 cups ripe roma tomatos - 1 red bell pepper -1.5 cups - 2 cups sundried tomatos without oil + salt (it's ok if you can't find them salt free! Just don't add salt to the recipe like me) - tsp himalayan pink salt - tsp ground pepper - tsp cayenne pepper - 1.5 cloves garlic - tsp dried oregano

* play around with spices and proportions! You can also add basil, or other spices that you enjoy. If you want it a little thinner add more raw tomatoes, and if you want to thicken it add more sundried tomatos

Blend it on high, in a high speed blender or food processor and Voila! A full bodied, raw pasta sauce that you can use for days! Makes a large quantity, so save it for the next day or make a lasagne with the remaining sauce, or use it as a pizza sauce, or even as a dip for roasted sweet potato fries! The options are endless really.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful week! It's time to put the winter season behind us and BLOOM!

love & light