But instead of my words, A RECIPE!

I would love to share with you my lil heart warmer, libido boosting + sleep tonic.

Not only are these ingredients nourishing for your body and mind, but for your heart + sexual organs. We tend to forget the importance of our reproductive organs, and just assume all is well down there! They dictate A LOT about our overall health + hormones, so We need to love + nourish them, and make sure everything is in tip, top shape. A healthy sex drive, energy and libido = vitality, strength, longevity + vitality. All of this to say - take care down there. We need to love + nourish every. single. part of our bodies.

Back to the recipe . . . a few points to note.

Raw chocolate is full of magnesium, aphrodisiacs, theobromine (mood enhancing!) + antioxidants // Maca is THEE hormone + libido booster. It's an adaptogen which means that it lifts you if you need lifting + brings you down if you're anxious or too UP in the clouds. It is one of my favorite superfoods! // Nut OR Seed Mylk's - I use either homemade pumpkin seed mylk or Brazil Nut Mylk - which is full of Vitamin A, C, E Zinc, Selenium, protein + vital minerals to make your skin glowing, heart happy & body strong. // Cinnamon + Cayenne - spices to s p i c e up your life! // Coconut Oil to REV your metabolism + provide you with sustained energy and stamina.

This tonic is peeeeeeerfect to have in the morning, afternoon or evening ( for relaxation, sleepiness + getting in the mood ;) ).

My Everyday Love Tonic //

1-2 Cups Nut / Seed Mylk of choice 1 TBSP coconut oil 1 tsp Maca 1 heaping TBSP of raw cocao 1/2 tsp cinnamon pinch cayenne pinch sea salt 1 date

BLEND all ingredients on high! Transfer tonic to a small sauce pan and heat slowly over VERY low heat. Stir often. DO not heat in the microwave (!) You will deplete all of the super foods, vitamins + minerals!

VOILA a healing + loooooove filled tonic.

It's time to get steamy, warm and nourished - body, mind and soul.

How are you loving yourself + others this weekend?

Have the most LOVE filled weekend E V E R.


love & light