Boyfriend jeans are my reoccurring love, since I've been BF less for years and years and years, and not even a glimmer of a date in those years, BF jeans have kept me warm & safe throughout the years : )....but that is whole other story that I'm sure no one wants to hear. So insert BF jeans, my love.

I've always loved a good-loose jean, but I find them harder to wear in the winter, so when spring/summer rolls around I am always on a hunt for a good pair.


I have a inclination that boys don't actually like woman wearing BF jeans, because they don't exactly show off the women's figure, but that is exactly why I like them! They are comfortable and actually make me feel empowered! It's so nice not to dress for someone else or in a way to be sexy, and to be able to work a pair of jeans that makes you feel confident and independent is to me the sexiest thing of all. I just recently purchased these from Zara and will be back for another pair! They are comfortable to a T and I find myself wanting to wear them every. single. day. I am such a repeat offender, but I'm a very simple gal, when I like something, I like something. No fuss for me, and no fear of wearing the same thing over and over.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 9.19.55 AM

xo Lisa