697bee946d7c5011be06f597426cc342 GOOSEBERRY INTIMATES.

' A french spirit made in Bali '

I've sung their praises multiple times on here (see the prettiest lingerie I've ever seen + this post on my favorites) - because they truly are the BEST in the world, and me being lingerie obsessed, I can truly attest to their greatness & this title. The quality, fit and price point just can't be beat. But not only that, the LOVE that goes behind the business, brand + pieces. It's felt through every e-mail, post & organic growth of their brand.

I'm also extremely excited + honored to announce that they have asked me to become an Ambassador for them! To kick-off the new role they sent me three new pieces that I absolutely ADORE already. Truly. Words cannot express how s t u n n i n g they are in real life.

The BEST news - you can buy it no matter were you live in the world. Their e-boutique is GLOBAL. So there is no excuse to not get the prettiest lingerie on the planet - GooseBerry E-BOUTIQUE

Here are my latest beauties :

The 'PARIS' Bodysuit.

There are no words to describe this beauty, I'm so not worthy of it's 'sexiness' ; )



This halter bra is on a whole other level. It's insanely sexy, yet functional. AGAIN not worthy of its beauty.



I have both the shorts & pants, and if there is such a thing as SEXY 2 piece, full pajama's these are it. I adore the masculine feel to them, yet they still feel playful + feminine to me. Hello new sleepover pj's : )


I'm very grateful to have these new pieces in my collection & to be an Ambassador for the brand. Thank you GooseBerry Intimates!

Noooooow to get myself photographed in some pieces for the site (!) motivation for the New Year? You bet.

I hope all of you beautiful ladies show yourself some self-love & wear some lacey things. We have to embrace our sexiness + womanhood. The glow + happiness will ALWAYS come from within, but it doesn't mean we can't embody a fiery feminine spirit beneath our clothes. I'm all for wearing lace under my skinnies & T's daily! It's just a simple thing I do to feel that spark.

Have a stellar weekend.

love & light

- xo Lisa