We all know the LBD (little black dress) right?

Well my top must have for women is the LBF! (little black flat!).

They truly exemplify everything that is classic, edgy, and on top of everything else comfortable

I firmly believe you can pair them with a n y t h i n g and you will look polished and perfect.

Denim - check

skirts - check

cut-offs- check

ANY dress - check

trousers - check

sweatpants - check

Everything. Since they are such a statement - these are something I would invest in. They are 110% worth it.

My two TOP favorites are BLOCH & REPETTO and I can vouch first hand that you won't regret it.

With summer on the way, if you don't have a LBF, I say it is time to make them your best friend.

Happy MIDWEEK Loves! Enjoy the rest of your week.