Summer 2013 essentials On a winter day like today, -40 celsius with windchill (!) I am not only dreaming of my move to the east coast (it still gets cold, but NOTHING like A l b e r t a) AND sharing my summer essentials with you.

When it comes to S/S I keep it simple. I have my classics that I adore, and stick with those. I prefer to buy quality pieces that I will wear to death than to purchase countless summer dresses, sandals, tanks, shorts etc... I am a true minimalist at heart and have come to learn that less is truly, truly more.

Below are my must-haves:

1. A feminine dress with a bit of edge (Isabel Marant)

2. My IRO leather jacket. It will be worn all four seasons! I love it.

3. Cut-offs. They have become a true staple and classic. All of my favorites were bought in vintage stores in NYC.

4. Light colored sexy bras. My all time favorite bras are black and lacey, but in the summer lighter colors are worn, so I stick to a few nudes, mints and blush tone bra-lettes. (La Perla, Calvin Klein).

5. Basic white and grey tees. I have multiples of these, as I wear them endlessly! (Rag & bone, Club Monaco, Zara).

6. A hat. Rag & bone has the best hats out there.

7. My scent - Black Orchid by Tom Ford. I also switch it up with pure vanilla, jasmine or Chloe.

8. Ray Ban Club Masters. I am a huge fan of Ray-Bans. I always reach for these.

9. Nude gladiator sandals. These can be worn with anything! Which I do. (Mango).

Spring can't come soon enough!

Hope you're all having a lovely start to your week. Stay warm and drink green tea - it will rev up your energy + metabolism!

love, love

xx L