Summer's staple: denim cut-off's.

I remember my first memory of denim shorts. Being a very young girl in the 80's I didn't get to truly embrace all the 80's greatness, but I feel that it trickled over into the 90's so I got my fix. I clearly recall my mom wanting to throw away an old pair of jeans of mine that were looking ratty in the knees and ankles, but I told here 'NO WAY' lets cut them into shorts (looking back now, I was quite the recycler as well!). We measured out where to cut them with white sewing crayon (my mom could sew like it was her job, it wasn't she was a lab cytologist), took out her sewing sheers and cut the raddest, tiniest little shorts I've ever seen and let me tell you those babies were my summer staple.


Fast forward to today, and my affinity for denim shorts lives on! Come summer I pretty much live in my collection of shorts, most are vintage (NYC is heaven for vintage store with a BOUNTY of denim shorts! I swear one shop had at least 80 pairs) but some are store bought (Zara and H & M make the best).

I prefer vintage any day as they are already worn in, have a better shape and just look much better! If you don't have jeans that need the ax I would recommend hitting up your local vintage stores and seeing what they have OR if you have a brother or someone with a smaller waist than you (maybe it's your BF!), then steal those babies and snip away.


The official start to summer is in 10 days so you have less than 2 weeks to get your shorts in gear.

Happy Cut-Off Season!

xo Lisa