I think a classic jean jacket is a staple in anyone's wardrobe (guys included).

Throw it on over a basic tee, dress, with leather pants, with shorts, MORE denim ( I am Canadian so the Canadian Tuxedo was something I rocked all.the.time when I was little & still do). Don't be shy with it, as it's truly something you can wear with anything. But keep in mind the occasion. You wouldn't throw it on over a formal dress at a wedding, but maybe if the wedding is during the day, is very casual, and is on the beach and you are wearing a beautiful flowy floral or lace dress - go and ahead and rock it.

My take on it - don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd! This applies to all areas of your life. Wear what makes you comfortable and what you like. Let people have their own judgements and opinions. I am telling you - they DO NOT matter. But also make sure it fits you properly and you have the right style for you and your body type. Key factor here. Not every style is going to suit someone.

I personally like mine a bit oversize & worn (like the picture below) , but someone who is shorter and smaller than me will drown in it and it might not be their style. So I would suggest something more fitted, cropped, and maybe a tad more polished.


Look out for different colors and washes. For a more classic and dressier one go for a darker shade, and for an everyday one go for a lighter and more neutral denim wash.

Secret tip - Go vintage jean jacket shopping! I find that a slightly worn in jacket is sooooo much better. The denim is nice and supple, and I just like the look and feel of it so much more.

Spring is here, and summer is on its way! Time to get JJ hunting.

Have a beautiful day loves.