I've shared my love for the beloved Panama before, and now that summer is inching near I think it is the ULTIMATE summer hat. Universally flattering, protective and just a tried and true classic cut.

The legendary Panama hat gained its iconic status when President Theodore Roosevelt wore one on his visit to the Panama Canal. Since then, these hats have graced the heads of stye greats ranging from Ernest Hemingway to Paul Newman.


Woven entirely by hand in Ecuador from the fonds of the toquilla palm (no two are exactly alike), it is the perfect tomboy touch to pretty much ANY ensemble, which is why I love it dearly.

My family just returned from a cruise to South America and my uncle came home with a killer Panama! Authentic to the core. If you do a little searching you can find them online or at most good hat stores in your city. Some will even order them for you!


If I can't sail through the Panama Canal this summer, I will be wearing a Authentic chapeau !


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Diane Kruger! #1 Style Crush.

xx L