photo I think by now everyone knows my obsession for black lacy lingerie... I have quite the collection and fully believe in women owning and wearing beautiful lingerie 24/7. In real life I love just wearing a T-shirt and jeans, as that's when I'm most comfortable. Therefore having something sexy underneath just gives me that feminine kick that all women should feel! It shouldn't be for anyone else but yourself...

So when Gooseberry Intimates sent me these two sets I was in absolute HEAVEN. Truly. No words can describe their beauty and craftsmanship. The delicate lace, the attention to detail in every stitch and bit of lace... they are breathtaking. Furthermore the creator, Pascale, is an absolutely beautiful soul. Each piece is made with LOVE in Bali, and offers something that is truly one of a kind. She is fiercely passionate about each piece and each customer and this radiates through her brand, vision and the simple communication I've had with her.

To be fully honest - I can't wait to get my hands on more...move over La Perla and Kiki. I definitely have my eye on a few others pieces and can't wait for them to have their online shop up and running so I (we) can order from anywhere in the World!


Gooseberry intimates is a French lingerie brand chic and elegant, made in Bali and created by Pascale Leclère in 2011 - Feminine and sensual, our lingerie will seduce you with its delicate lines and it's perfect worked details. Chic models and soft laces are the basis of our lingerie. Our collection offers a return to authentic femininity linked to intimate with a subtle elegance. Easy to wear and sensual, our models expressed the duality of women today, who prefer elegance and comfort. Gooseberry Intimates is a charming lingerie, soft as a summer...

E-mail Pascale for further inquiries :

Let your inner French/Balinese Goddess shine.

Thank you Pascale & GooseBerry Intimates from the bottom of my heart. I will cherish these pieces every time I wear them - and am grateful beyond belief for the love.

love & light,

xo Lisa