5c8123c1b5ff28685f5a45ee544537f4 Happy Saturday Beauties! The sun is shining here in Toronto, it's chilly, but s p r i n g will be coming SOON. Today I wanted to post a few products that I love / Using + things that I just love or Inspire me.

I would l o v e to hear what you're loving now + what's inspiring you!

MEOW MEOW TWEET DEODORANT - I've been on the natural deodorant hunt for years. Nothing has really worked, and I've tried about 15 different brands. I'm testing this one at the moment, and so far so good. BUT I still don't think it's a fit for me. I know I'm probably coming across as the stinkiest person alive, the real truth is I'm just a sweater, always have been. After I finish this, I'm throwing in the towel and going to just make my own(!) I will keep you all updated on this, and IF you have any suggestions for natural / organic deodorant that you know works, pleeeese let me know!


FRESH FLOWERS - The simple things in life truly make me happy. I don't need extravagant displays. Not at all. I cherish people, moments, adventures. But I do loooooove having fresh flowers around me, and plants. They make me smile, they are alive, they are beautiful and they smell pretty. S P R I N G is here, and I'm committed to having fresh flora around me! They aren't expensive at a lllll, and if I think of how much money one can spend on frivolous + dispensable things / food, I'm ok with spending a few dollars on flowers each week.


EARTH + CITY COW GIRL COOKIES - Ingredients: gluten-free oats*, bananas*, coconut flakes*, dates, Chocosol 100% raw chocolate, cinnamon*, sea salt* (*organic) - need I say more? Little secret, I've been known to have 3 in one day (!) These are a treat for me, and I don't have them very often. I just love them, and had to share their beauty! If you have a dehydrator at home (they are raw!) you can make them home. If not I'm sure one can create these easily, I just don't because I don't trust myself with them at home.


RAY BANS - As spring and summer hits, I'm pulling out my sunglasses. I don't know why but I didn't wear them as much this winter. Maybe the sun didn't shine as often, or my toque got in the way. Whatever the reason is I always come back to the classics. In my opinion, ray bans are the best. Classic, comfortable, 'cool', simple and cost-effective when I think about quality + longevity. If you're looking for a new pair of sunnies for this summer, and m a n y seasons to come, go for a pair of Ray Bans.


NYC IN APRIL - Spring time in NYC is one of my favorite times to be there! I'm SO excited for our trip! Expect many updates, pictures + tales of our adventures. See more details HERE !



love & light