cherrybombn2 "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. "Benjamin Franklin

So as you all know I'm a major fan of Ballet Beautiful, and will do it until I'm 90! Seriously. I plan to be limber, and active into my 90's.

Although my obsession with BB will forever live on, I also don't like to just do one thing exclusively as I find I need a little more intensity some days, enter in my jump rope. It's probably my most used exercise equipment ever. Our love affair started on the playground some 20 years ago, and it hasn't stopped since.

The beauty of jump rope is that it's extremely high intensity and you don't have to slave away at a gym, which I really don't like. I believe the max amount of time one should spend there is 30-45 minutes as hopping on a cardio machine for an hour will never change your bod and as time goes on your body gets used to the exercise! They key is to shock your body, and keep it on its toes.

It's all about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I interchange this routine below and BB: I do BB 4-5 times a week and this routine 2-3 times a week. I genuinely love working out, never get bored and love the balance between my graceful and targeted exercises, and more high intensity glow. Ballet Beautiful has at least 70 different online videos, and I change the music, intensity + intervals of this workout often.

If you are needing a little bit of a change from your regular routine I highly suggest you give it a go! You also don't need a gym to do this workout in and it's perfect for traveling. All you need is an open space, your rope and a killer playlist.

It's only 15 minutes long so I double it up, and if I'm (you) are feeling super ambitious do it x 3. Incorporate this into your routine 2-3 times a week, and you will 100% notice a difference in the way that you feel (and look!)

2 minutes basic skipping

20 squats

2 minute high knees skipping

20 push ups

2 minutes basic skipping

20 sit ups of choice ( I like russian twists with a weighted ball)

2 minute double under skipping or super fast / high intensity skipping

*30 seconds rest and repeat

Expect to be super sweaty after this circuit, but feel a m a z i n g! I like to workout in the morning on an empty stomach as I get up super early, can't jump rope with a full tummy. If I need something then I will have a green juice or coconut water. Play around to see what works for you and your lifestyle as not everyone likes to workout in the early am. If you do work out later in the day make sure you haven't just eaten or this workout will prove to be a little un pleasant.

Let me know if you give a try and how it goes. I love to trying new things, and seeing my body change in positive ways.