Nov.3rd marks my One Year Anniversary with Ballet Beautiful! I dabbled in a couple of videos for about six months before, but it was very sporadic. It's now been a full year where I pulsed, plied and lifted five to six days a week to the soothing and angelic voice of Mary Helen Bowers, and have loved every minute of it.

I always encourage people to find a exercise that they love doing. Too many people pound out miles on the treadmill or do things at the gym that they simply don't enjoy, and it doesn't have to be this way! It might take some trial and error and every body is different, so I really believe it's good to try EVERYTHING until you find your thing. I've danced, walked, ran, was a member to multiple gyms for a really long time, practiced bikram religiously, did Moksha hot yoga, Boxed, circuit trained, had a personal trainer and many more in between. But I've found my thing, my one, and it's Ballet Beautiful.


I've sung its praises here and here which go into a lot more detail of my experience with it, how my body has changed, my routine and how I've never felt more feminine and IN my body than with BB.

I'm not exaggerating when I say, Ballet Beautiful brings me so much joy! It might sound crazy for a form of exercise, but I see it as a lifestyle. The way I live my life is very fluid and holistic. It encompasses health, wellness, nutrition and movement, and BB is part of me as it effects the way that I move throughout my day, and the way that I carry myself.

To sum up this past year of Ballet Beautiful in a few words:

- It's created such a beautiful morning ritual for me - I get up early (6am-630), have my lemon water, brew my green tea, have a green juice and head onto my mat. I usually do it anywhere from 60-90 minutes depending on the day. Sometimes I pre-plan a routine and other times I listen to my body and do videos as I go. Right after I make oatmeal for my boyfriend and I, and we great ready for the day ahead!

- It's meditative - it's so quiet during the wee hours of the morning, I feel at peace, there is no heavy pounding or super loud music. It's just me, my body, the movement and Mary Helens soothing, encouraging and uplifting voice.

-I speak about this more in depth in the above posts, but it changed my body a whole lot. My legs have never felt longer or leaner, and I have ballet abs. My posture is so much better, and I overall just feel more feminine.


- I wake up excited to exercise! When I belonged to a gym this wasn't the case, I would go because I thought I had to, not because I wanted to.

- I never, ever got bored with my routine and videos as there is 95! streaming videos in my custom streaming workout. 95! You will never do the same variation + routine once. I do something different every single day. I have my favorite videos which I do 2-3 times a week in my routines as I LOVE their burn, and the results that they give, but everything else keeps my body guessing and using different muscles.

- I've now started add 1-2 pound ankle weights to my ankles or wrists during some exercises to get even more BURN. But if you are just starting out, trust me when I say you get enough of a burn as is. I just like to amp it up some days!


I could sing BB praises forever, and those you know me, know this is true! I spread the word to friends, family and strangers that I meet. It's just so effective, and it's not only the fact that you will feel and see results in a matter of weeks (no joke!), it's the overall feeling you get when you start doing it. You FEEL and look more poised, graceful, and feminine, it changes everything - body, mind and soul.

If you haven't tried it yet, and want to switch up your routine a bit I would highly, highly recommend it.

Happy Weekend!