About the book

The book you’re about to encounter stretches over my 12 year health journey with Lyme Disease (although I don’t like to attach or prescribe to labels, but it’s just easier to name it here), it’s deep healing, and what I learned along the way.

Experiencing days, weeks, and years of daily vertigo, cystic acne, heart palpitations, eye floaters, ear ringing, intense physical full body pain, lack of confidence, digestive distress, hypothyroidism, anxiety, hypochondria, losing half my head of hair and gaining over 30 pounds, to name a few. All of this has ultimately brought me to write the above. It doesn’t house all the answers, as we’re supposed to be a part of our own healing, it’s not outside ourselves. I’m a healer who taps you into your own innate healing abilities…and want you to recognize, own and command your energy and power.

In it I highlight my darkest moments to show you that light can always be found in moments of extreme darkness. Not in some spiritual by pass sort of way because I don’t believe in that. I believe we all have darkness and shadow within us that we must integrate, instead of suppress and repress.

But on this wavering path, I was able to discover all the sides of healing, and have lived to nurture, grow and spread it along the way to help guide you in discovering your own health, happiness, power, and Self. Finding your inner knowing, and Self takes work ( I don’t want to sugar coat anything as it’s been such an intense journey for me) but it’s worth it all. I will never regret or take back what happened as it’s lead me down the pathway to my unique gifts + Self which I wouldn’t have discovered so deeply otherwise (or so I believe).

Ultimately Everything is here to evolve you to your best, highest, most authentic Self. There isn’t a good or bad, there just Is. A knowing and a being that can’t be put into words…but I hope the energy is strung throughout my story and words in this book.


How To Glow From The Inside Out

Not only through food, but through tapping into the corners of the mind and unraveling the fearful thoughts you might be holding onto that are truly preventing you from moving forward in your health, body, relationships, career and dreams. Since mindset is 90% of the battle, if you keep replaying the same dialogue and actions, living the same program that we’ve been conditioned to live, you will stay in the exact same place.

I’m here to help you make this shift and to guide you on your journey. I say, “guide” because I encourage you to apply your own twist to it. Change up the ingredients in the reset if you don’t like certain foods or apply your own inner wisdom and intuition to some of the exercises. None of this is meant to be rigid and restrictive. This whole book is all about listening to your inner guide and Self. It’s be purpose to tap you IN, not OUT.

No one, whether doctors or family, knows your body better than you do. No one. If something isn’t feeling right or working the way you want it to, listen to it and act to change it. You have the power to act, but sometimes all you need is the courage to do so.

I hope these words, information, recipes, guides and exercises give you the courage to not only act, but to love yourself wholly from the inside out. It will forever and always be an inside job.


In 90 pages you'll find:

My full A-Z journey with Lyme Disease

My exclusive 5 day reset for body, mind and soul

Self-love + worth integration exercises

Delving deeper into: Inflammation, Digestion, Weight, Skin and Self-Love

DIY skin recipes

Tips for eating organic on a budget

A sample shopping list

FAQ answered by ND Dr. Angelina Riopel

 How you will glow DEEPER:

Increased energy and immunity

Diminished sweet cravings

Your skin will look more dewy, supple and redness will diminish

Increased alkalinity, which decreases inflammation

The whites of your eyes will be come brighter

Doubling your greens intake

Digestive distress will diminish

Your mood will be elevated and your productivity will sky rocket

Your love + trust muscles will be flexed, developed and grown

New doors will open, as you question past beliefs, habits and ways of thinking!


Think of this as a reawakening! What served you in the past no longer serves you in reaching and attaining your healthiest, HAPPIEST, MOST POWERFUL + AUTHENTIC SELF. IF WE WANT CHANGE, WE MUST TAKE + BE IT.


"Lisa’s journey is so inspiring and her passion for health and wellness spreads onto every page.  She is so positive and motivating, you’ll feel like she is right beside you, cheering you on to embrace a healthier, holistic lifestyle. After reading Lisa’s book you will think differently about what kinds of food you are putting into your body and how important it is to nurture, nourish and love it wholeheartedly, every single day. I certainly have. Her tips, advice and recipes are invaluable and I am so thankful she shared them with her readers!”

Marie, Stylist, Edmonton, AB

"A good friend of mine referred me to Lisa's e-book. I don't do cleanses often but when I do, I make sure it's the right fit for me and my hectic schedule. Not only did I feel energized after the cleanse,  I was inspired to continue to make healthier food choices and incorporate self-care into my routine. My skin was glowing, my acne on my forehead and cheeks dissipated. I highly recommend Lisa's e-book to anyone who is looking for a simple and nutritious cleanse!"

Diane, Bo & Marrow, Edmonton, AB