Q: Will my book be mailed to me?

A: No, as it’s a digital product! It’s 100% downloadable.


Q: Can I read it on any device?

A: Absolutely. You can view the book on your Computer, Apple Phone, iPad and Android


Q: Should I download it on my computer first?

A: Yes, absolutely! This is a must. The file is really big, and most phones won't have enough storage for it. 


Q: How do I get it on my iPhone / Tablet?

A: Firstly open iTunes and from the drop down menu select Books. If the option is not there then select edit menu and click the checkbox for Books, then press done. Click and drag the eBook from it’s folder location into iTunes to add it to the Books section. Plugin your iPhone or iPad and select the device icon to show the device information. Click Books, then check ‘Sync Books’, ‘Selected Books’ then check the GLOW eBook. Click apply upload the eBook onto your device.

It might take some time, but you will now have the Book on your iPhone and Tablet, to take with you anywhere! 

If you're having trouble doing this, don't be shy, and shoot me an e-mail. I want you to have the ultimate reading experience. 


Q: How many pages is it?

A: 140 pages!


 Q: Does it have lots of photos?

A: YES, it’s full of unedited + original photos. No photoshop here! I decided to not retouch or edit any photos. What you see is what you get!

Q: Am I able to buy more than one copy?

A: Of course. You can buy it as a gift for a loved one. You will see the option at checkout.


Q: How best do I read the book?

A: 1) With a journal by your side

2) Write down thoughts, feelings, observations, and goals as you go through it

3 )Read it all at once, or break it up over a few days! There is a lot to soak in, so you might have to give it another read for it to really flow through your veins. Maybe even a third time.

It will be a point of reference to keep on coming back to! It’s meant to be a guide, not just a book you read once and that’s it.


Q: There is lots of greens in the Reset, will this be enough to sustain me?

A: First of all greens are life! They are the most nutrient dense food on the planet, and most of us don't eat enough. Which is why I wanted to create a reset (not a detox), with a high density of greens involved. Digestion is thee most energy taxing system in our body, so it's good to give it a break every so often. Which is why you won't see excessive amounts of protein, or dense carbs here. 

This reset, is meant to give your body a break!

This is when the true healing, rejuvenating, and glowing factors come in. It's very hard to reset our body, and lay a foundation for a healthy gut, body, and mind if we're constantly digesting, and eating foods that don't serve us. 

This reset isn't meant to be restrictive in any sense, I don't do diets, deprivation and restriction. 

It's food that will leave you you undeniably radiant, and will hopefully propel you into adding more greens into your life. 


Give it a try, and I promise your body will thank you, and give back to you. It loves you, and only wants you to live our your highest, and healthiest purpose. 


 Q: Why doesn’t the Reset Include Meat?

A: I give you the option to add in meat if you must. But I want you to just take a break from it for five days. You can 10000% add it in after, but this reset is meant to really give your body a big break. Although animal protein has a purpose, and is great in moderation, it’s undeniably acidic. Further it takes an extremely long time to digest, for example, where a piece of chicken takes anywhere from eight to ten hours to break down, and digest. A banana takes only twenty minutes. I go into much greater detail in the book, of WHY this is important! Again, I’m not saying it’s bad, we will just be taking a momentary break from it, to RESET your beautiful bod, and re-alkalize it.

Q: What if I work out really hard, can I adjust the portions?

A: Yes, absolutely. I address this topic in the book! At the end of the day, you know your body best. If you feel you need a little bit more fuel, you can definitely up your portions a tad. I would suggest adding a little bit more protein in the way of legumes, or some more sweet potato and avocado for slow released and assimilated energy.


Q: Can I drink coffee on the reset?

A: Yes, if you choose too. Some of you might find it best to let go of it for the week; others may want to keep it, as it will be too hard of a transition. Find out when, how much and what kind in the eBook!


Q: What if I don’t like a certain fruit or vegetable?

A: You can totally change it out for something you enjoy, and love. None of this is meant to deprive you, or force you into eating things you do not enjoy. I want you to be happy on this journey every step of the way.


Q: Can I eat process snacks during the five days?

A: I’m going to dish out some tough love, but no. We are only going to be eating whole foods from the earth, with some extremely healthy condiments, and powders, which are laid out in your shopping list. I do ask that you stay away from bagged grains, cereals, snacks, and treats. To gain the full benefit of this + see the results you want, we have to say goodbye to these bags. You + your glow will thank me later. I promise.


Q: What if I'm really hungry during the Reset? 

A: A little bit of hunger is ok! We're so used to feeling overly stuffed, and full. I love the Japanese stance on this. Eat until your 80% full. If you're still genuinely hungry, eat more vegetables! If that doesn't interest you, you probably don't need more food. You just need to wait a little bit for your body to absorb all the goodness you're feeding it. It's good to remember that our stomachs are only the size of our fist, and when we stretch it, it takes four days for the nerves to restore back to their former shape. 

Hunger often comes from our mind as well. When we are emotionally and mentally empty, we often fill it up with food! Our minds can play massive tricks on us. 

Take a moment to breath, and really ask yourself where the hunger is coming from. It might surprise you. 


 Q: What If I’m having trouble downloading the eBook?

A: Please e-mail us at lisa@lifebyleese.com


Q: Do you have any further questions or concerns, after you’ve purchased the book?

A: Don’t be shy, drop us a line at lisa@lifebyleese.com