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The beginning

You are unique, we are unique. No two humans are alike, and I take great pride in offering all my clients a unique, healing, and beautiful journey, whatever healing path they are on. Maybe you just need a quick refresh, or you’re looking  for deep change, growth, healing and evolution.

Whatever it is, and wherever you are, I would be honoured to be by your side every single step.

Initial Holistic Nutrition Session

~ 90mins



During this personalized guidance and advisory session, we begin your journey and get to the core of your blockages, health struggles, health history (I send you a 15 page Holistic Health Intake Form), fears, goals, and I get to know you in a holistic sense - body, mind and soul, as no healing is done in isolation, and to truly heal, we have to look inward. 

We don’t just look at the surface stuff - food, macros, portions, quality, supplements etc…  Although those are important, and we do tackle them, we go deeper into the whys behind the choices and habits that are being made and formed.  We can’t build the future, if we don’t look into the past. And it's in the past where subconscious beliefs, and habits were born. You could be self-perpetuating illness, and disease in the body without even being aware of it. 

You will always leave with  precise, actionable, unique, and tailored  guidance, support, and the start of healing pathway to achieve your happiest, healthiest and most enriching and divine life. 

This is for you if you you’re seeking to focus on a small singular issue or pattern in your life that you need light given to. Not for more serious health issues or protocols, as deeper healing takes time.


All packages below include the 90 Minute Initial Consultation. 

In person: Downtown Toronto @ The Loft

 Globally: via Skype or Facetime

WHATS NEXT: After booking your session // package you will be sent my Customized 15 page Wellness Intake form via e-mail & the beautiful healing journey will begin. 

NOTE: I'm available for my private clients via text & e-mail daily. 

p/s Check with your insurance provider/employer,  you may be covered for holistic nutrition sessions.

p/ss Please be in touch to discuss a payment plan for the below packages, as I never want you to feel like true health, radiance and healing is out of your reach

two month journey package

~4 Sessions (60mins/each)



In two months we’re able to dig even deeper.

 With four sessions two - three weeks apart, we’re able to commit to each other, and not only will we dig deeper but your protocol will be longer, more sustainable, and targeted.

A longer journey allows us to truly get to the heart and soul of what’s happening not only in your health, but all areas of your life.   Just as everything is connected inside the body, externally, everything is connected in your life. Therefore we dig deep into relationships, past beliefs (most are built in childhood), career paths, intimacy, self love, rituals, goals, dreams, blockages, desires...We go through it all, as it all matters in your unique healing path. Where there are blocks, we will bring healing, energy and flow.

Unblocking and unearthing your true essence, and worth is one of your greatest healing foundations. 

Following the Initial Consultation, these next three sessions will be full of guidance, 24/7 support (Truly), coaching, exercises, gentle + effective  homework, protocols suited to your unique goals, and love from me, always.

I’m there for you along this journey. I will be your number one fan through it all, and you have full access to me along the way. You will be given my number, and will have full communication with me during this process via e-mail or texts. 

This is for you if you’re seeking renewed peace, more support, guidance, love and answers into the core of your health struggles. This package isn’t for you if you’re suffering from more intense health issues, struggles or disease (see below).


four month journey package

~8 sessions (60mins/each)



Let’s take all of the above, and double your journey.

Again, I always recommend two sessions per month, as two weeks allows for enough time to go by to truly start seeing, and feeling results, while being able to establish healthy, and life long rituals, routines and habits. This is what you will get with a longer pathway with me. You also have full contact with me in between all of our sessions, as I said, this is full-on healing, so I will be by your side every step, and will be holding you accountable to yourself + the work we do.

When it comes to skin, gut health, hormones, weight loss,  inflammation, auto-immune, illness, there is never an easy answer, as 1) Everybody is super unique, and different, 2) These conditions have been with you for years, so there will never be a quick fix, as the body doesn’t work that way.

This I know - True, sustainable, and life-long healing takes time. You must dissolve time lines, to dig deep. 

Your body might even rebel if you try to impart things too much, too soon.  All of these things take time to heal, and repair, so you’re not just left with a quick fix. Nothing in my practice is fad-like or fast-paced, as I truly want you to walk away from our time together with lifelong and sustainable practices in all areas of your life.

With four months we’re able to dig deeper with deep nutritional practices and plans, life coaching, manifestations, energy healing,  supplement protocols, meal plans, exercises  (body and mind), accountability, multiple check-ins from me in between sessions, unlimited e-mail & text communication. Your healing is truly taken to the next level.

I will be your number one fan, guide, supporter, cheerleader, and ultimately your practitioner. Everything comes from my heart, and I’m driven by your goals, and results. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy, healthy, and glowing.

This is for you if you’re looking for more intense healing, guidance, radiance, and  life + health coaching. Four months allows us to really dig in, and promote change and growth. This package isn’t for you, if you’re seeking healing from major/and or severe  health issues or illness. (see below)

Six month journey package

~12 sessions (6omins/each)



Thee ultimate  healing journey.

Six months, half a year, the deepest of commitments. Take everything  I’ve discussed above and X it by 10.

This journey will take you V deep into the depths of your body, mind and soul. Maybe to places that have remained dormant, hidden and in such deep pain (physical and emotional)  that you’ve suppressed your health issues, along with the thoughts that go with it for a very, very long time. Some might be even too painful to dig up, but I believe with my whole heart and soul, this is where healing begins. Healing requires you to push past a lot of pain and fear.

Again, I will be there every step.

This package is like no other, and will therefore require both of us to be at our best. I will show up for you in body, mind and spirit, and I know you will do the same. Radical transformations will occur, and I promise you, you will not be the same person as when you started. This is my guarantee to you. We focus deeply on the internal health and healing of the body (more serious illnesses), along with the health of your mind, and purpose in life.

If you feel lost, uncertain, anxious, in pain, depressed, low energy, and as if you’re physical health and body have not been in optimal health for years, then I truly believe you’ve found your answer.

Over six months I will guide, support, push you out of your comfort zone, dissolve fears, heal (together, and with your own innate healing mechanisms), and create your very tailored and holistic healing protocol that not only incorporates the healing nature of using food as medicine, but will incorporate a very mindful way to unearth past pain, fear, and  habits that are truly affecting your daily head space and life.

There will be exercises, homework, and everything in between as I support your body through nutrition, supplements (if needed), herbs / tonics, journaling, meditation and whatever else your body needs. You will learn to love yourself again, banish your inner mean girl, and live a radically transformed existence.

No two session are  alike, as with integrated and intuitive healing, I’m able to sense and feel what you need in the moment. And give you the tools, actionable steps and a protocol that will take you through the seasons of life.

This is for you if you’re looking for a  radical transformation, of  body and mind. This is also the package if you’re dealing with a long standing health issue that you haven’t been able to resolve for years. Deep growth, change, and metamorphosis  happens here.


Do not worry. I’ll gently guide you!

If you’re still unsure what package is best suited for you, and your unique needs, send me a message below using the form, and we will choose the absolute best option.

No two humans or stories are alike - therefore no two packages are like.