"Lisa! I cannot say enough about the beautiful person that she is. Lisa has been not only a holistic nutritionist to me but a holistic coach cheering me on no matter what stage of my health journey I'm  at. Lisa stretches beyond the typical boundaries of any holistic practitioner I've worked with and asks the tough questions and gives you the tough love you need in a heartfelt and compassionate way. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who has been feeling stuck in any area of their lives, skin, weight, goals, manifesting, sex life, happiness....whatever you might be struggling with Lisa has been there and she will meet you where you're at and help you rise to your new potential!"


“I have always eaten healthy, yet still suffered from fatigue, up and down hormones and acne. I thought eating healthy was enough, I had no idea how much a nutritionist would help me. Upon my first consultation Lisa knew exactly what I was lacking and how to fix it. I have followed Lisa's recommendations ( food and supplement wise ) for the past 6 months and feel fantastic. I am now more educated in how what I am feeling directly ties into the foods I consume, and how better to treat my skin, from the inside and out.This really is her passion and it is a joy to experience it. I am so grateful for her service and anyone would benefit from her knowledge and positivity.”

- Tammy Swier – Graphic & Jewelry Designer - EDMONTON, AB

“ Lisa is a radiant light that listens with an open heart and mind. She is very interested in your goals, not her's and keeps you accountable to them while making the process of change easy. I love that we are able to meet at a location that is convenient for both of us and the experience is like meeting with a friend vs. going to an appointment. I am grateful to have her passion for life, deep understanding of natural remedies, warmth to guide me through my goals and empower me to change. “

– Allison Munro - Head of Marketing at Viafoura - TORONTO, ON

"I had always thought I knew what healthy was, until I started working with Lisa. She took the shame and self-judgment I had about my late night sugar binges and helped me learn to treat my body right everyday. Some of her tips and tricks are things I have incorporated into my daily life that are such game changers. I would call her half nutrition for your body and half therapist for your soul. "

- Keltie Knight - Co- Host of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT - LA

"Lisa is truly a beautiful and kind soul who shines from the inside out! Not only does she listen to everything I have to say, she is so knowledgeable and committed to helping me overcome all of my personal concerns and issues! I am so grateful to have been introduced to a woman like Lisa! Thank you for being so incredible! I highly recommend everyone going to see her and her glow loft! Your body and mind will thank you :) " 

-Jordann Bittner,  Founder of Sunday Organic Tan - TORONTO, ON 


"My relationship with food has changed drastically, thanks to Lisa! Her nurturing holistic approach, has helped me listen to what my body really needs and turn my new healthy habits into my new lifestyle. She is a wonderful mentor in providing continuous support for me."

– Cecily Carlyle – Flight Attendant and web designer - TORONTO, ON

“My time with Lisa was invaluable. I loved that our conversation started somewhere other than food. She really took the time to listen and understand what I was wanting support with. She is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, insightful and fun. We look at everything holistically and I learned a lot from that. XO”

- Katie Cotter - Regional Manager for Lululemon Athletica - EDMONTON, AB

“People wander in and out of our lives for a purpose. Lisa stumbled into mine when I was at an all time low. I had a busy 6 day work week, my diet consisted of multiple pots of coffee, chocolate and takeout from the nearest restaurant. 4 ½ hours was considered a good night sleep for me. I was stressed, exhausted and feeling the worst I’ve ever felt mentally and physically.

I knew I needed to change, I didn’t know where to start and I certainly couldn’t do it on my own. I sought out Lisa as a personal coach, someone who’s had their shares of ups and downs, who’s compassionate, understanding, and above all the most positive person I’ve ever met in life.

I’ve tried quite a few personal trainers and nutritional coaches to help me keep on track and I was struggling to “conform” to their programs. What I love about Lisa is she creates plans and sets goals based on what works for my life style and hectic schedule as a shift worker. Coffee, meat and milk were my staple foods and I didn’t have to cut anything out. We worked on creating balance and devising a plan to add foods to my diet that nourish my body, give it the energy and support it needs.

She’s very understanding and empathetic; she realizes that change takes time. That’s why I’m so glad I’ve had her for long term support and assisting in making everything a good habit. She understands that life’s stresses can get in the way and gave me the tools I needed to combat them. I’d get to vent about problems at work, with my family and I had that support. Someone that would come up with a means to help me de-stress and put myself first.

Thanks to Lisa I’m now on the road to a happy, healthier life and feeling great! It’s been such a great journey and I couldn’t have accomplished what I have without her knowledge an continued support every step of the way! “

– Jesse H – Engineer - SMOKEY LAKE, AB

“ Lisa has a sensibility and empathy that allows her to tune in to her clients’ needs with love and compassion. She has helped me make so much progress in my eating patterns and fears. What I love about her approach is that Lisa does not just focus on the food, but the mental aspect of the eating behavior. She knows the mental is where everything starts and she is literally changing my thought process to be more holistic, peaceful, rational, and loving, so that food becomes beautiful fuel that I don’t need to be afraid of. Thank you! “

– Francoise Hovivian – Consultant for Microsoft - PORTLAND, OR

“ Lisa has been an amazing support to me. She helps me look at my life holistically and live a balanced and happy life. By looking at my health, weight and nutrition as part of my total life – I have been able to make so much more progress than in the past. I always look forward to speaking with Lisa. She is a bright spot in my day. And she is so easy to work with – I live in China and she always makes it easy to chat over phone or skype. “

– Monica Lynn Novomisle – Head of HR for TORY BURCH ASIA - HONG KONG