“Lisa truly encouraged me to heal from the roots up. In our time together I reclaimed my sense of self worth, banished the notion of “perfection” I compared myself to for so long, embraced healing as a lifelong journey, and practiced embodying the love, openness and unconditional acceptance I wanted to see in my relationships. As a result, my digestion and skin began to heal, I felt drawn to become more active, gratitude journal, eat high vibrational foods, wake up earlier, spend time in nature, and my relationships began to transform all on their own! Lisa is truly gifted at her practice, and her guidance, thoroughness and loving presence encouraged me to open up in ways that were once unimaginable. I feel such a profound sense of lightness now that has extended to all areas of my life, and am endlessly grateful for our time together.”


"It's one thing to watch someone inhale and exhale a clear calling like Lisa has over her life, but it's an entirely different thing to watch them be so intentionally generous with it like Lisa is. You get both with her and then some. Without judgement or preaching, she gently brings you into her encyclopedia-like knowledge, her keen sense of self, her heart beating for holistic wellness, and you are infinitely better for it. I can't even quantify how much Lisa has given me both with her spirit and her sessions. She's just one of the most congruent humans I've ever met, living every single day exactly as she encourages others to do. You'll never find someone so dedicated to your genuine evolution in every single way than Lisa. Work with her. Learn from her. Listen to her. It'll actually change your life. And I only know because it's changed mine."


”I truly can’t say enough about Lisa. I have seen a few holistic nutritionists in my life but none have been at the same caliber as Lisa. I was looking for guidance and perspective on a few habits that I felt were hindering my ability to live a fuller, healthier & happier life. I had never been met with the level of empathy Lisa showed me. Her uncanny ability to make you feel heard while also challenging you to take a deeper look inside yourself at the root causes of your habits, is what truly helped me along my healing process. Her energy is contagious, many times after a session was over, I would be overtaken by this profound feeling of personal strength, the strength that I had the ability to overcome what was standing in the way of my desired lifestyle - few can make you feel this way.  Coming from a background in sports, I’ve always believed the best coaches and teachers are those that have the ability to empower the individual and help them see that whatever they are searching for is already within them. This is how I felt with Lisa. I learned that everyone’s journey is unique but we all have the power to control how we want to feel. Lisa is a real light in this world. “


“Lisa is a deeply kind, compassionate and empathetic soul, and healer, to work with. Her insights are irreplaceable and gently guide you back onto the path of healing yourself with a reconnection to your truest self through the practical tools she gifts you.

In whichever way she guides you: be it with words of wisdom, supplements, or deeper work to do; she makes sure that what she gives is uniquely and intuitively tailored towards you and your healing journey. 

I have learnt so much from Lisa along my healing journey with her, and am so grateful to her for all that she shares and how she heals with her work. She is insightful, impactful and a true healer and to have the privilege of working with her along the healing journey is an absolute blessing when you feel lost and unsure of what to do. 

I have found that in the brief period I have worked with her, that my whole way of seeing and thinking about healing (and myself) has shifted dramatically, and that I’ve been able to work through blocks that I haven’t been able to heal with previous practitioners. I have never felt more aligned, more supported, and more in tune with my self and my healing than since taking the leap to work with Lisa. 

I have no doubt that Lisa will continue to impact the world of healing greatly and do some incredible things along her own journey of growing her gifts as a healer and helping those in need of her healing guidance and tools. 

Thank you Lisa for all that you so generously do!”


“Lisa has an innate ability to heal. For as long as I’ve known her, she’s always had a clear vision—to help others any way she can. Her kindness, passion and wealth of knowledge are the many reasons why she’s such an incredible healer. Personally, I’ve been lucky enough to know Lisa as a friend and holistic nutritionist through some of my most difficult times health-wise. She’s always steered me back on course—providing guidance, helpful resources and continuous support. I attribute the healthy habits that have led me to optimal health, to my time working with her.”


“After following Lisa's blog for a few years and reading her amazing ebook, I decided to reach out and work with Lisa 1 on 1. I had concerns mainly with my skin and digestion but learned over the course of our sessions that deeper healing had to take place in order for those issues to improve, and Lisa facilitated that.

Lisa truly is a light in this world. No matter what was going on in my life at the time, after our sessions I always felt lighter, calmer, more grounded and more confident in going forward and my ability to heal, and the homework she provides after every session helped to solidify things and go deeper within, to heal on a different level. She always seemed to know exactly what I needed to focus on during our sessions. She is so intuitive and passionate, and through her incredible knowledge and experience which she graciously shares, she finds what will work for her clients in a truly supportive, holistic way. Lisa's gentle guidance helps her clients tap into their own intuition and empowers them to not only heal their physical problems but sets them on a path of true, sustainable wellness in all areas of life.

My skin is constantly improving and my digestion has never been better. But most importantly, after my journey with Lisa I feel like a new person, and am confident that I will continue to heal, grow, and discover and live my purpose. She changed my perspective, my mindset, and my life, and for that I am ever grateful.”



"Lisa! I cannot say enough about the beautiful person that she is. Lisa has been not only a holistic nutritionist to me but a holistic coach cheering me on no matter what stage of my health journey I'm  at. Lisa stretches beyond the typical boundaries of any holistic practitioner I've worked with and asks the tough questions and gives you the tough love you need in a heartfelt and compassionate way. I would recommend Lisa to anyone who has been feeling stuck in any area of their lives, skin, weight, goals, manifesting, sex life, happiness....whatever you might be struggling with Lisa has been there and she will meet you where you're at and help you rise to your new potential!"


Its the gentle kindness I’ve noticed most. Subtle in its presence but oh so powerful. The softness I now give myself seems so natural. How long has it been since I compared myself? Or used harsh words to describe my body? Felt truly trapped by my own fear? I can’t seem to remember. 

It’s as if who I was before no longer reflects back when I look in the mirror. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it’s foundation, it’s walls... they were laid brick by brick. Lisa uses this expression a lot - “brick by brick”. She is a master stone mason... who’s biggest passion in life is teaching others her ways. Helping us relearn to lay our foundations so we may rebuild our damaged structures... brick by brick.  I have grown taller with love!”


"I happened upon Lisa on Instagram in late 2017 and knew right away that I had to book an appointment with her.  After experiencing a troubling and traumatizing health issue for 3 years, I had already seen a dozen MD's, most of whom told me to accept my "new normal" or use pharmaceutical drugs that could worsen the condition or bring on additional side effects and hormonal shocks to my system, all of which did not sit right with me.  I had also seen Naturopaths, and though more helpful than MD’s, they tried expensive experimental treatments that did not help long-term and put me on numerous supplements I couldn't keep up with.  I felt like something was off in my hyper-sensitive bod, and I couldn't get to the root of it myself.  Lisa greeted me with a level of empathy I hadn't received for years. Instead of being told that my symptoms were normal and that I was not likely to recover, she was literally promising me that I could and will heal.  I cannot adequately put into words the relief I felt being supported in that way. I wholeheartedly believe that it was what I needed to begin the healing process.  Lisa has helped me to begin unpacking and unblocking a lot of what has held me back from recovery and I have already noticed a difference in my attitude, self-confidence, and even in my symptoms.  Everything with Lisa has a purpose, whether this is any herb or supplement she suggests or any shift in perception or focus she helps you bring into fruition.  Lisa’s goal is clearly to empower you to believe in your healing and to love yourself more fiercely than ever before.  This was the best decision I have made for myself and my long-term health.  Thanks Lisa " 


“ Lisa is such a breath of fresh air. I was told about her from a friend and when I checked out her Instagram I strongly felt that she was someone I would connect with, and I was right. She has a very calm yet strong presence, she is passionate in all that she does and speaks from the heart. She is a guiding hand in your health, with her priority being that you stay true to yourself and follow your intuition. It is so nice to focus on health without the stress of finding a specific “problem” to “fix.” Our session flowed naturally and I now have a new perspective on how to holistically heal myself, and Lisa is to thank for being that light of guidance.”


“Each time I step out of Lisa’s Glow Loft I feel a deep sigh of relief. I feel as if I can breathe again and that I’m on the right path. During our sessions together she calms me down and allows me to see that I am fully capable of healing myself. You see I’ve seen many many many professionals and practitioners over the years, trying to find a solution, always seeking a “diagnosis” for what was going on. I knew I wasn’t thriving, that my body wasn’t working optimally, but it felt as if no one could crack the code. I felt lost for a very long time, I didn’t trust my body, I had no idea what to eat or what would help me. During my first session with Lisa she gave me the reassurance that I already had all the answers, that I just needed to quiet down and listen. Sink inward, to trust and that I knew the way to heal. Over the past few months working with her I’ve felt so much more confident in my body, confident in my ability to heal and I TRUST my body!! The relationship I have with myself and with the food I eat looks totally different now than it did before Lisa and I started this work. She doesn’t just look at the foods you eat and suggest supplements to take, Lisa goes deeeeep into all layers of your life to make connections and to help find clarity. She is always guiding me towards deeper self reflection and discovery of the next part of myself. I am so grateful for her guidance and constant support. My body is in the best state it’s been in over 5 years. I am forever thankful I made the investment into myself and started a journey with Lisa by my side!!”


"I first met Lisa when we were both taking a Digital Marketing course. The first thing I noticed about her was her skin and how clear + amazing it was! Haha! Some time after the course I ended up coming across her instagram page and website. I reached out to her in regards to the services she offers and mentioned I had been debating about starting sessions with her for some time.  It was one of the best decisions I had ever made! Lisa is extremely understanding, gives you the space to talk about how you are feeling, what you feel may be happening, and gradually suggests and recommends solutions that will aid in the process of healing. Before I started my sessions with Lisa I felt drained, fatigued, and was having way too much caffeine to overcompensate for my lack of energy.  She suggested solutions that were easy to implement and help me in the long run.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone and everyone looking for guidance when they know they aren’t truly living in the best version of themselves! Lisa’s point of view on healing and the journey is remarkable and I look to her / her instagram / her blog daily to get motivation and understanding of what is happening on a deeper level. "


“I first stumbled upon Lisa when my best friend suggested I follow her on instagram. I was immediately drawn to her passion and knowledge of healthy living + the way she radiates optimal health. I followed Lisa on instagram for a couple of months before purchasing her wonderful e-book (which I should’ve done much sooner) I think I was in tears only a few pages in. Her story is truly inspiring and allows her to shine so bright in this world. Her e-book is FULL of knowledge, advice and whole-body healing - I highly recommend it. Fast forward a few more months and I received the BEST gift ever - 3 sessions to work with Lisa! I was beyond excited. She greeted me outside of her building with open arms and made me feel very welcomed. Her work space is very cozy and calming, I was able to open up very quickly about my struggles. Lisa has helped me work through so much in only a short period of time... the best part, is that she helped me realize how capable I am of healing. She is so supportive, so knowledgeable and allows you to see that you have everything you need within you to heal - you just have to choose. I have been struggling with leaky gut, hormonal imbalances and chaotic skin just to name a few and Lisa has been guiding me through it all, allowing me to piece things together. She is ALWAYS there when I have a question, suggests supplements based on my specific needs and continues to keep me motivated to achieve optimal health + true inner and outer healing. I am forever grateful that Lisa came into my life - I always walk out of our sessions feeling 10x lighter and ready to take on anything. She has a very calming, supportive + loving energy and TRULY wants to see everyone healthy and happy. As I continue to step into my authentic self, the healing continues. It may be a long journey but I feel more capable now than I ever have. Thank you Lisa for being so genuine and encouraging me to step into my own power. So much love and gratitude for you!  Ps. YES, she is even more beautiful + glowy in person (if that’s even possible) lol” 



"I have never felt so supported and understood in my health journey thanks to Lisa!  Lisa has truly helped me heal from the inside out. I feel equipped and empowered in my health and healing journey for the first time. Her genuine care, passion and knowledge made our time together effective and enjoyable. Lisa has provided me with the practical tools I need in order to heal, but most importantly she provided me with hope!  Lisa is wonderful and her services are invaluable."



"I truly think it was an act of serendipity that brought me to Lisa, and am I ever glad it did. My sessions with Lisa are always the highlight of my week. She reminds me to think holistically - body, mind, soul - instead of surface level "quick fixes". I appreciate her energy, kindness and honesty. I'm always confident that she has only my very best interests and intentions in mind." 


“I have always eaten healthy, yet still suffered from fatigue, up and down hormones and acne. I thought eating healthy was enough, I had no idea how much a nutritionist would help me. Upon my first consultation Lisa knew exactly what I was lacking and how to fix it. I have followed Lisa's recommendations ( food and supplement wise ) for the past 6 months and feel fantastic. I am now more educated in how what I am feeling directly ties into the foods I consume, and how better to treat my skin, from the inside and out.This really is her passion and it is a joy to experience it. I am so grateful for her service and anyone would benefit from her knowledge and positivity.”

- Tammy Swier – Graphic & Jewelry Designer - EDMONTON, AB


“ Lisa is a radiant light that listens with an open heart and mind. She is very interested in your goals, not her's and keeps you accountable to them while making the process of change easy. I love that we are able to meet at a location that is convenient for both of us and the experience is like meeting with a friend vs. going to an appointment. I am grateful to have her passion for life, deep understanding of natural remedies, warmth to guide me through my goals and empower me to change. “

– Allison Munro - Head of Marketing at Viafoura - TORONTO, ON


"I had always thought I knew what healthy was, until I started working with Lisa. She took the shame and self-judgment I had about my late night sugar binges and helped me learn to treat my body right everyday. Some of her tips and tricks are things I have incorporated into my daily life that are such game changers. I would call her half nutrition for your body and half therapist for your soul. "

- Keltie Knight - Co- Host of ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT - LA


"Lisa is truly a beautiful and kind soul who shines from the inside out! Not only does she listen to everything I have to say, she is so knowledgeable and committed to helping me overcome all of my personal concerns and issues! I am so grateful to have been introduced to a woman like Lisa! Thank you for being so incredible! I highly recommend everyone going to see her and her glow loft! Your body and mind will thank you :) " 

-Jordann Bittner,  Founder of Sunday Organic Tan - TORONTO, ON 


"My relationship with food has changed drastically, thanks to Lisa! Her nurturing holistic approach, has helped me listen to what my body really needs and turn my new healthy habits into my new lifestyle. She is a wonderful mentor in providing continuous support for me."

– Cecily Carlyle – Flight Attendant and web designer - TORONTO, ON


“My time with Lisa was invaluable. I loved that our conversation started somewhere other than food. She really took the time to listen and understand what I was wanting support with. She is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, insightful and fun. We look at everything holistically and I learned a lot from that. XO”

- Katie Cotter - Regional Manager for Lululemon Athletica - EDMONTON, AB


“People wander in and out of our lives for a purpose. Lisa stumbled into mine when I was at an all time low. I had a busy 6 day work week, my diet consisted of multiple pots of coffee, chocolate and takeout from the nearest restaurant. 4 ½ hours was considered a good night sleep for me. I was stressed, exhausted and feeling the worst I’ve ever felt mentally and physically.

I knew I needed to change, I didn’t know where to start and I certainly couldn’t do it on my own. I sought out Lisa as a personal coach, someone who’s had their shares of ups and downs, who’s compassionate, understanding, and above all the most positive person I’ve ever met in life.

I’ve tried quite a few personal trainers and nutritional coaches to help me keep on track and I was struggling to “conform” to their programs. What I love about Lisa is she creates plans and sets goals based on what works for my life style and hectic schedule as a shift worker. Coffee, meat and milk were my staple foods and I didn’t have to cut anything out. We worked on creating balance and devising a plan to add foods to my diet that nourish my body, give it the energy and support it needs.

She’s very understanding and empathetic; she realizes that change takes time. That’s why I’m so glad I’ve had her for long term support and assisting in making everything a good habit. She understands that life’s stresses can get in the way and gave me the tools I needed to combat them. I’d get to vent about problems at work, with my family and I had that support. Someone that would come up with a means to help me de-stress and put myself first.

Thanks to Lisa I’m now on the road to a happy, healthier life and feeling great! It’s been such a great journey and I couldn’t have accomplished what I have without her knowledge an continued support every step of the way! “

– Jesse H – Engineer - SMOKEY LAKE, AB


“ Lisa has a sensibility and empathy that allows her to tune in to her clients’ needs with love and compassion. She has helped me make so much progress in my eating patterns and fears. What I love about her approach is that Lisa does not just focus on the food, but the mental aspect of the eating behavior. She knows the mental is where everything starts and she is literally changing my thought process to be more holistic, peaceful, rational, and loving, so that food becomes beautiful fuel that I don’t need to be afraid of. Thank you! “

– Francoise Hovivian – Consultant for Microsoft - PORTLAND, OR


“ Lisa has been an amazing support to me. She helps me look at my life holistically and live a balanced and happy life. By looking at my health, weight and nutrition as part of my total life – I have been able to make so much more progress than in the past. I always look forward to speaking with Lisa. She is a bright spot in my day. And she is so easy to work with – I live in China and she always makes it easy to chat over phone or skype. “

– Monica Lynn Novomisle – Head of HR for TORY BURCH ASIA - HONG KONG