A deep dive into beauty, authenticity, deep healing, and cultivating radiance as a collective

Be welcomed into the most beautiful downtown loft in Toronto with warmth, energy and the space for you to tap into your most Authentic + Radiant Self

This 2 - Hour Workshop will not only feed your body, but also your mind and spirit, as the unification of all three allows us to tap into our deepest of healing, our True Self.

We will be digging into this topic - Who is one’s true Self, and how does that allow us to be our most Radiant Selves?

We live in a world that lacks true connection, as we are more connected than ever, yet lack authentic community as we go on this deeper journey within…. I know it can be isolating, hence this OFFLINE experience.

A place where deeper work can be done as a collective! As we can only heal the world, via healing ourselves, and since we’re all in this together, why not collectively unify to dig a little deeper.

Topics of beauty, authenticity, radiance, what is means to “Be Well”, connection, skin, body, mind, spirit, collective consciousness, meditation, practices, breath work, energy healing, kundalini +++ More will be tapped into.

What you can expect to leave with:

-A renewed sense of purpose

-New connections / community

-Life force (prana (breath) = life)

-A deeper sense of your True Self


Also on offering:

-A brief introduction to Lisa’s journey

-Some Kundalini kriyas (practice) for “Radiance”

-Lisa’s top radiance practices / tools (Body, Mind, and Spirit)

-Authenticity - Tapping into your unique code

-Active group work to allow you to connect with other souls via group discussions on True Self

-Group discussions

-Q & A w/ Lisa

-Breath work + Guided meditation

Let your inner self be awakened, and recharged. You will walk away with tools to guide and ground you through this upcoming season, as it’s always a wild one as we step into new energy.

Gifts to ground you from special souls:

Organic juice via Greenhouse, Raw chocolate from Giddy yo-yo, A free ride from SPINCO (sweat, prana, radiance), Odacite cleanser via Detox Market, A beautiful gift from CARDEA AUSET

All attendees will also receive discounts to Lisa’s FOUNDATIONS program + 1:1 Healing Session w/ Lisa